Project Planning

Submitted by Nicolabell on Mon, 09/03/2018 - 20:57

How I did this


Identified my actors - basic users and advanced users. Also had a column for all users. This was because the next step was to add the needs of the users popcorn style, and I knew that I would be repeating a lot of needs that spanned across all users.


I realised that if our MVP was to get users on to the site to start earning money to maintain it and start buying in new tools or letting the community vote on how resources were spent, I would initially need to get all users on to the site paying, and then build in the functionality for advanced users to earn credits shortly after. This is quite a big assumption that this is the correct thing to do - I think during the user testing I would know how engaging the site is with only the basic things provided. So I think to start with there would only be one type of user, then the second time would be introduced once some content had been added by the paying users.