Common installation and ddev problems and fixes

Submitted by Nicolabell on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 18:55



403 Forbidden nginx on local site

Permissions might not be set correctly for the directory?

I think in ddev I possibly hadn’t specificed ‘drupal8’ when doing ddev config, so just went through config again.


‘No input file specified.’

Try going to /install.php

Make sure you’ve started the project in the right directory or that you’d downloaded the latest drupal.

Is there an install.php file in your root directory? This might indicate you haven't downloaded drupal successfully... maybe download the files directly from rather than trying to use composer, and see if that does the job.



Make sure the correct port is detailed in the settings.php file, and is not already in use.


Database Problems

Not importing properly

Make sure settings.php or possibly settings.local.php has the right credentials.

Tables in the database

IS the database completely mangled? Maybe you need that to not be the case... this might mean you need delete it and replace with a back up where the tables haven't gone all odd.



Need to upgrade ddev

Did this via

curl | bash

(As am on linux)

You need to run ddev config after an update so that the yml file is updated.

I have done this but there is a problem with docker compose / cannot kill container. It's possible you should stop all projects before updating??

You can also use Brew to update ddev using this simple command:

brew upgrade ddev



Cannot kill container:

Shut down properly after each session. Do ddev rm at the end of the day. Restarting machine shd fix the current issue.

Do a ddev list to see if there are paused projects - go and remove them with ddev rm.



It actually sounds like docker got messed up in your case. I assume it's on linux?As @ikit-claw says, I always `ddev rm` projects that I'm not currently using, and almost always do that before starting with an upgraded ddev, although `ddev start` alone is usually adequate.Docker is not fully reliable, so I have things I do before restarting docker:`docker stop $(docker ps -aq) && docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq)` will remove all containers, whatever ddev thinks. If that hangs, a docker restart is in order.And docker factory reset is usually the last-resort thing that fixes everything.


May need correct permissions.


If it's not Ddev, it might be Docker...

Docker ps shows which containers are running.

Is docker happy? - docker ds

Stop all containers - docker kill $(docker ps -q)

Upgrade docker - head to your root and use // sudo apt-get upgrade docker-ce

(This is going to take ages so get yourself a coffee and do something else for a bit)


Duplicate mount point:

ERROR: for db  Cannot create container for service db: Duplicate mount point: /var/lib/mysql
Encountered errors while bringing up the project.'

  1. Try installing the latest version of composer (composer update)
  2.  ddev rm - remove the container and then do ddev start




Permission denied:

Try using sudo


Settings.php file

You need this to have the right credentials in it.

There’s a local version and the one you’ll hav elive and add to your .gitignore file so it doesn’t get overwritten when you push to remote


Composer folder in Vendor folder

Is it there?? You might need it!

If it isn't, install it probably. TBC...


Site is detected but various unhappyness/error messages

You might need to visit /rebuild.php or /update.php


Stop everything!

ddev remove --all --stop-ssh-agent

Add to useful block